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Strategic recruiting for e-commerce and internet

BERGERT E-SEARCH + CONSULTING stands for a systematic
concept of the complete recruiting process, including
expectation management of different stakeholders within
the company and the candidate, the search process as well
as the integration of individual candidates or whole
teams with professional onboarding.

The following services are offered by
individually or as a comprehensive concept,
within the sustainable-search framework:

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Organisational structure and dynamics audits

Setting of company specific targets for the establishment
and change of e-commerce areas

Personnel requirement analysis along these targets

Assessment of existing e-commerce and internet teams

Advice on building and developing teams

Company specific onboarding to integrate new employees and teams


different approaches of entering e-commerce business
of smaller and medium companies

challenges of fast-growing internet companies with regards
to their organisational structure

cultural differences between teams of existing business areas
and internet or e-commerce teams

barriers, conflicts of roles and new interfaces

functional and personal challenges of different positions and
eventually the associated average salary

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Executive search for digital business

BERGERT E-SEARCH + CONSULTING has a clear focus on internet
and e-commerce: recruitment for big internet pure players,
set-up of e-commerce areas within stationary medium-sized
enterprises or building of new organisations with founders.

Regarding functional roles BERGERT E-SEARCH + CONSULTING
provides in-depth knowledge of sales, marketing, business
development, product management, shop management,
digital marketing, business intelligence in all areas as well
as all technological and IT positions in companies or
agencies among all hierarchy levels – from CEO to specialist.

BERGERT E-SEARCH + CONSULTING has an excellent personal
network, an extensive database and an experienced and
specialized research team.

During the process of hiring a new employee, BERGERT E-SEARCH
+ CONSULTING is the business-partner for the organisations and
the candidates and advises both parties with the same
professional dedication and discretion. With considerable

50 Percent
30 Percent
20 Percent

of projects come from existing cooperation,
from former candidates
from recommendations or new contacts.

50 Percent
of projects come from existing cooperation,
30 Percent
from former candidates
20 Percent
from recommendations or new contacts.